Flow into Spring



If you enjoy the smell of flowers, the feeling of the sun on your face and bright colors, then spring is your season. Spring is one of my favorites, because by this time of the year I’ve had it with the freezing cold weather. Spring is perfect. It allows me to make a smooth transition from leggings and UGGs to shorts and sandals. When I think of spring, I think of long, bright and flow dresses, like the one I am wearing in the photos above. Forever 21 always has the best options for maxi dresses. One of my go-to items to pair with dresses or pretty much any outfit is a kimono or a light, breezy cardigan. You can find them with intricate designs or fringes and they dress up any outfit. I’m excited to play up my wardrobe with spring colors and extremely flowy pieces. Hope everyone else is as excited as I am. Happy Spring beautiful people!!

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